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Are you In?

Cloud and IoT Solutions

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Leading Japan into the Cloud
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Project Hercules

Our flagship product is a cloud-based centralized B2B communication and project management platform.

Cloud and IoT Consulting

Not sure how to move to the cloud? Interested in how IoT can help you? Let us help you implement these new technologies into your business.

Cloud and IoT Development

Our development team can create any type of web applications that you might require. We have excellent quality control standards to make sure that you receive the best product.

What we Offer

InCloud offers industry leading consulting and development services for cloud and IoT products. From cost optimizing existing solutions to tailoring and developing custom solutions from the ground up, we offer a wide variety of services.
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About Us

InCloud is a B2B technology company that is focused on bringing global cloud and IoT solutions to Japan. InCloud offers consulting and development services to help Japanese businesses properly implement cloud and IoT solutions, which include InCloud’s Project Hercules.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can InCloud do for me?

We can help optimize existing apps/services, help deploy new ones, or develop a whole new one from scratch.

Why should I use the Cloud?

The cloud enables speed to market, security from hardware failure, cost savings from intelligently allocated resources, and much more. Let us tell you how the cloud can help you take your business to the next level.

Why Choose Us?


Our team has the experience to deliver the best solutions for any problem.


InCloud is up-to-date with the global cloud and IoT technological trends.


We understand the needs of Japanese businesses, so we are able to bridge the gap between Japan and global cloud and IoT.

Let us show you the power of the cloud.

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